Edge of Reality™ Seminar - 14.09.2024

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3h Seminar 14.09.2024

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Edge of Reality™
Part 2. 3 hours

Course Description: Step into the realm of real-world self-defense with our Edge of Reality Seminar, featuring the Fit to Fight® Modern Krav Maga™ knife defense program. In this dynamic and intensive session, you will delve into the intricacies of surviving an edged weapon attack, honing essential skills and techniques necessary for self-preservation.

Led by self-defense expert and Fit to Fight® founder, Ryan Hoover, this seminar is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of knife defense strategies within the context of real-life scenarios. Through a combination of technical instruction and practical application, participants will begin to develop the confidence and proficiency required to effectively defend against edged weapon threats.

The seminar will be conducted in a fast-paced and immersive environment, encouraging active participation and engagement from all attendees. Utilizing the principles of Fit to Fight® Modern Krav Maga™, participants will learn how to recognize and respond to potential threats, employing techniques that are practical, efficient, and instinctive.

Student Gear Recommendations: To ensure a safe and productive learning environment, students are strongly encouraged to come prepared with the following gear:

Groin and mouth protection: Essential for safeguarding vulnerable areas during simulated combat scenarios.
Gloves (MMA/bag preferred): Provides hand protection while allowing for tactile sensitivity and dexterity, facilitating effective defense techniques.

Whether you are a martial arts enthusiast, law enforcement professional, or simply interested in enhancing your self-defense skills, the Edge of Reality Seminar offers invaluable insights and techniques to prepare you for the challenges of a modern world. 

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