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Fighting in Confined Spaces & Edge of Reality Day Ticket


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Fighting in Confined Spaces
10 a.m.- 1 p.m.

Course Description: Fighting encounters rarely occur in open areas; more often, they unfold amidst the constraints of confined spaces, where walls, furniture, and various obstructions dictate the dynamics of the confrontation. In the Fighting in Confined Spaces Seminar, you will delve into the intricacies of combat within such environments, learning not only to navigate these obstacles but also to leverage them to their advantage. Rather than perceiving walls, floors, or clothing as hindrances, students will discover how to integrate them into their defensive strategies, turning seemingly limiting factors into tactical assets.

Throughout this seminar, you will engage in hands-on training techniques and drills designed to simulate realistic scenarios encountered in confined spaces. From grappling against walls to utilizing furniture, you will explore a diverse range of techniques tailored to adapt to the constraints of your surroundings. Through practical demonstrations and guided exercises, you will begin to develop the skills necessary to effectively defend yourself in close-quarters combat situations.

Student Gear Recommendations: To ensure a safe and effective learning environment, please bring the following gear:

Groin and mouth protection: Essential for safeguarding against potential injuries during practical exercises.
Gloves (MMA/bag preferred): Providing hand protection for striking drills and grappling techniques.
T-shirt that can be ripped/stretched: Facilitating realistic simulations of techniques using clothing in confined spaces.

This seminar is suitable for individuals of all experience levels, from beginners seeking basic self-defense skills to seasoned martial artists aiming to refine their techniques for real-world application. Join us for the Fighting in Confined Spaces Seminar and equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to thrive in a confrontational scenario, regardless of the limitations imposed by the environment.

Edge of Reality™
2 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Course Description: Step into the realm of real-world self-defense with our Edge of Reality Seminar, featuring the Fit to Fight® Modern Krav Maga™ knife defense program. In this dynamic and intensive session, you will delve into the intricacies of surviving an edged weapon attack, honing essential skills and techniques necessary for self-preservation.

Led by self-defense expert and Fit to Fight® founder, Ryan Hoover, this seminar is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of knife defense strategies within the context of real-life scenarios. Through a combination of technical instruction and practical application, participants will begin to develop the confidence and proficiency required to effectively defend against edged weapon threats.

The seminar will be conducted in a fast-paced and immersive environment, encouraging active participation and engagement from all attendees. Utilizing the principles of Fit to Fight® Modern Krav Maga™, participants will learn how to recognize and respond to potential threats, employing techniques that are practical, efficient, and instinctive.

Student Gear Recommendations: To ensure a safe and productive learning environment, students are strongly encouraged to come prepared with the following gear:

Groin and mouth protection: Essential for safeguarding vulnerable areas during simulated combat scenarios.
Gloves (MMA/bag preferred): Provides hand protection while allowing for tactile sensitivity and dexterity, facilitating effective defense techniques.

Whether you are a martial arts enthusiast, law enforcement professional, or simply interested in enhancing your self-defense skills, the Edge of Reality Seminar offers invaluable insights and techniques to prepare you for the challenges of a modern world. 

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